Via Melo da Bari, 172, BA 70125
(+39) 327 652 4270

Love on the table

We loved the idea of not only reminiscing about the past but also savoring the flavors of yesteryears. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, what better time to taste our specialties?

Puglian cuisine is a celebration of the simple and genuine products of our land and sea: Altamura bread, cime di rape, Adriatic and Ionian bluefish, extra virgin olive oil, dairy products and cheeses, parmigiana, potatoes rice and mussels, focaccia, fried panzerotti, braciole, and much more..

Served 8.30am – 10.30am daily.

Classic Breakfast

Coffe – Cappuccino
Milk – Yogurt – Juices
Cereals – Fresh Fruit – Rusks
Honey – Jam – Chocolate Cream
Croissant & Brioche
Boiled Eggs – Cheeses – Cured Meats

Apulian Breakfast

Every morning, some of our specialties will be served:

Cime di rapa stufate – Focaccia – Panzerotti
Our bread – Mozzarelle – Stracciatella
Parmigiana – Bruschette – Olives
Tomatoes in oil – Sgagliozze – Popizze
And everything that our tradition has to offer!

Important: We kindly ask guests to notify us in advance, at the time of booking, of any allergies and intolerances, so that we can serve a breakfast that best suits your needs.


Typical Bari Cuisine

"Sott'o uarche le chemmare stonn'a ffa le strascenate c'honne fatte chessa Bbare jind'o munne renomate."

Under the arch, women are busy making ‘orecchiette,’ which have made Bari and its people beloved worldwide.

A typical saying from Bari

"Aquanne la sere studdeche la televisione pe scirme a cherchuà. L'uldema cose ca digghe a megghiereme iè; ce se mange, crà ?"

“At night, when i turn off the television, the last word i say to my wife before going to bed are; what are we going to eat tomorrow ?”

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